Domain for sale, frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

(1.)Why buy an already registered domain?

The success of any online project depends, among other things, on a quality and very easy-to-remember domain , which not only presents the project itself, but also captures it. When pronouncing the domain name, the visitor should already be wondering what the content of the project will be on the given domain. A domain for sale meets all the requirements for a suitable domain and will successfully present your future online project or business.

(2.)What is important when choosing a domain?

If your online project (e-shop, company presentation, offer of services ...) is primarily focused on the Czech market, it is a matter of course to use a domain with the .cz extension , which is a necessity for the operation of such a project . In addition, the domain must be unique, unmistakable and easy to remember. It is important to choose a domain with a short and concise name, or a domain containing keywords that are often searched by search engines.

(3.)Dashed or non-dashed domain?

If you choose a multiword domain, focus only on the non-hyphenated domain . In most cases, users enter a silent variant directly into the address bar of the browser or into the search form in the search engine. Ideally, of course, it's a good idea to have both variations and simply redirect the dashed version to the main project.

(4.)Why is this domain for sale?

When creating Internet projects, it usually happens that the originally intended online project is postponed, or in the end it does not start at all. We are still counting on using this domain for its potential in the future, but we are willing to consider an offer to sell it if you have a serious interest . All you have to do is contact us with a sufficiently interesting price offer and we will certainly agree on the sale of the domain.

(5.)What other domains do you have for sale?

We have prepared a complete list of domains for sale on a separate page. For greater clarity, you will find all offered domains sorted into selected categories. Typically, these are attractive domain names that will simply help you succeed in the modern online world. Just choose the domain that will best represent your services, e-shop or corporate website.

(6.)How to contact us?

Contact us by filling out the form on the main page, where you can easily enter your name, contact email , or phone number. Also write your bid in the message itself. Keep in mind, however, that your competition may not only offer a higher price, but may also take over the domain through swift action. Of course, we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

(7.)How does a domain transfer work?

Once the price has been agreed, we will issue an advance invoice and temporarily reserve the domain for you . After paying the advance invoice, we will transfer the domain to your registrar to the new owner without delay. The transfer takes place via the registrar without the need for notarization. Domain prices are always listed without VAT.

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